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Data Privacy and Protection

At the forefront of our operational values is the safeguarding of your data and its privacy. We maintain an unyielding commitment to protecting participant information, whilst also providing a top-tier educational experience. In accordance with these values, the following provisions have been laid out.

Upon successful procurement of the course, participants will gain immediate access to the course content through our trusted e-learning platform, Kajabi. Confirmation emails inclusive of all necessary credentials will be dispatched to officially kickstart the participant's transformative learning journey.

In the spirit of promoting data security and privacy, we hold an absolute prohibition against sharing participant login credentials with third parties. Our stringent security standards are upheld in conjunction with the participants. In the interest of facilitating collective learning, a complimentary employee login is provided for businesses intending to train multiple members.

Our platform employs cookies to monitor and record participant progress throughout the course. This data is used solely for providing participants with a personalized learning experience and to support them in their journey through our course.

The 30-day money-back guarantee, which we term as completion requirement and responsible use, necessitates participants to have completed a minimum of 15% of the course content within the specified 30-day period. This ensures that the participants have made a bona fide attempt to engage with the course material rather than exploiting the refund policy. Please note, this guarantee is only applicable to purchases that did not involve any discount or special offer at the point of sale.

Participants are to understand and respect the intellectual property rights and usage terms associated with the course. Any attempt to download or screen record course content without express written consent is considered a direct violation of our policies. Our platform is equipped with sophisticated technology to detect such unauthorized activities and those found infringing these rules will be subject to stringent legal action.

Our refund claim period extends to the 23rd day from the original purchase date of the course, accounting for the 7-day return period of the complimentary tint pack, which must be received by us before processing the refund.

Should a participant find the course falling short of expectations, they are required to express their dissatisfaction in a comprehensive manner. These are the stipulated grounds for refund and the final decision regarding the refund resides solely within the discretion of our company.

The refund process and procedure will be initiated upon the approval of a refund request. Once the returned tint pack is safely in our possession, the refund will be processed within a span of 10-15 business days. The refund will be credited back to the original mode of payment used during the purchase.

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